Dr. Mikhail Suslov

Terra Quantum team member since 2019

Specialism: Physics and Mathematical Sciences

Qualified Engineer, Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, 1982
PhD in Physics and Mathematical Sciences, 2016

Lesovik, G.B., Sadovskyy, I.A., Suslov, M.V., Lebedev, A.V., Vinokur, V.M.

Arrow of time and its reversal on the IBM quantum computer

(2019) Scientific Reports, 9 (1), article № 4396, .


Kirsanov, N.S., Lebedev, A.V., Suslov, M.V., Vinokur, V.M., Blatter, G., Lesovik, G.B.

Entropy Dynamics in the System of Interacting Qubits

(2018) Journal of Russian Laser Research, 39 (2), pp. 120-127.


Kirsanov, N.S., Lebedev, A.V., Sadovskyy, I.A., Suslov, M.V., Vinokur, V.M., Blatter, G., Lesovik, G.B.

H-theorem and Maxwell demon in quantum physics

(2018) AIP Conference Proceedings, 1936, article № 020026, .


Shlyakhov, A.R., Zemlyanov, V.V., Suslov, M.V., Lebedev, A.V., Paraoanu, G.S., Lesovik, G.B., Blatter, G.

Quantum metrology with a transmon qutrit

(2018) Physical Review A, 97 (2), article № 022115, .


Lesovik, G.B., Lebedev, A.V., Sadovskyy, I.A., Suslov, M.V., Vinokur, V.M.

H-theorem in quantum physics

(2016) Scientific Reports, 6, article № 32815, .


Suslov, M.V., Lesovik, G.B., Blatter, G.

Quantum abacus for counting and factorizing numbers

(2011) Physical Review A – Atomic, Molecular, and Optical Physics, 83 (5), article № 052317, .


Lesovik, G.B., Suslov, M.V., Blatter, G.

Quantum counting algorithm and its application in mesoscopic physics

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Hassler, F., Suslov, M.V., Graf, G.M., Lebedev, M.V., Lesovik, G.B., Blatter, G.

Wave-packet formalism of full counting statistics

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